Look, the Republicans just slay me. They are just so ridiculous. So they had an Ebola czar. His name is Vivek Murthy. He’s President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General which the Republicans have been stalling at the request of the National Rifle Association since February. So, the Republican’s idea of how to practice medicine is to listen to the National Rifle Association. I discount everything they say, they know nothing. They’re not interested in health; they’re interested in politics.
Howard Dean (via azspot)

Say it loud, brother Howard.

(via liberalsarecool)



Instigators hired by the PD
Ferguson/St Louis

This is exactly the way bullies in school behave, winding you up until you snap and yell or punch them first, and they know YOU will be the one who gets in trouble when YOU were the one who was the victim.  A lot of them probably learned that in school.  Got away with it.

Grown-ass adults being crying pissbaby bullies, for fuck’s sake.

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